4 People wrote to us:

Amber is one of the few brave people out there who has chosen to pursue her passions in life. Balancing a life of commitments to health, fitness, nutrition, and all things hair, she is still a ball of positive energy. She’s the kind of person you want to explain why your hair goals are or aren’t possible. Want to go platinum blonde in 1 appointment? Nope, and Amber will not only explain the science behind why that’s an impossible outcome but give you a realistic timeline of your hair transformation. Want a Pinterest style that so clearly has extensions without getting extensions? Nope, and Amber will explain why the extensions are required and let you know of any adaptations she can do without the extensions. She gives her clients what they can realistically have and that’s something you should aspire for in a hair professional. You don’t want someone willing to risk the integrity of your hair because you come in with a must-have Pinterest style; you want someone who will give you what your hair can take. I trust Amber with my hair, which if you knew me, is a hard trust to be won. Thanks, Amber, for always making me look fabulous and giving me realistic hair (and nutrition) goals.” Xo Valerie

September 5, 2017

My husband Frank & I have been a client of Amber now for almost two years! Amber is a very caring, dedicated, hard working individual!! I look forward to my talks when I go in for my hair appointment! We discuss many subjects from hair to health. Great personal salon!!! Love the service here!! Shelley & Frank

September 5, 2017

Amber is amazing ! She’s one of those stylists you can actually trust. I love that I can bounce ideas off of her, and know I’m going to get exactly what I envisioned and more ! I trust, and value her opinion as a professional, and as a person because I know it’s genuine !” Alicia

September 5, 2017

I have been going to see Amber for more than a couple of years now, I’m very low maintenance when it comes to hair but when I see her every 6 months or so for a “spruce up” or for the occasional wedding up do (always beautiful & amazing) ..I sit in the chair, show her a couple ideas (latest insta trends) but also say “do whatever” because I trust her. She always takes the pictures into consideration but she always considers my hair type. We catch each other up on both of our lives while she’s trimming and highlighting, and before you know it, shes done something that I always like and that also suits my low maintenance style. Amber gets to know you on a personal level, she strives to be her own creative self while also listening and understanding to the needs of you and your hair, what looks good and how you can style it. It is always a joy to sit in her own personal studio and have a one-on-one hair professional like Amber that keeps such a strong rapport with her clients. Always looking forward to the next style & cut. Rachael Chiarcos

September 5, 2017

“Amber is a very honest and down to earth hairstylist.”

"Amber is a very honest and down to earth hairstylist. I've had her as my stylist for 4 years now and she always listens to my requests, offers a professional opinion and together we come up with something amazing!"

“She not only listens she is a great inspiration.”

"It took me a long time to find a hairdresser that listens to what I want. AMBER is top notch. She not only listens she is a great inspiration. She is knowledgeable not only about hair she is educated on fitness and nutrition and overall wellness. I always look forward to my visits to the salon."

"The color, the cut, you name it she can do it!"

"I have been going to Amber for a few years now and fell in love with the way she does my hair. The color the cut you name she can do it! She's amazing at what she does I'm so glad I found her I would absolutely be lost without her. My entire family goes to her shes awesome with kids and really makes you feel at home in her salon. Her products are amazing and best of all she genuinely cares about her clients. I feel I not only gained an amazing hair dresser that I would absolutely recommend to anyone but a friend as well"